Subdomain is not working

Hi, I created a subdomain, and created an a record,
but it redirects me to 404.html page, and it stil not working since 2 days,
anyone can help please?

Adding an additional host on Cloudflare is not enough, you need to configure that host on your server as well.

you mean in domain records ?

No, on your web server.

i’m sorry,
on web server i just created subdomain,
which exactly configuration i need to add to web server ?

You need to create the respective virtual host in your server. Unfortunately that topic is a bit beyond Cloudflare so I’d need to refer you to your webserver’s documentation.

it is a shared hosting with cpanel !

And you created the same hostname on your server?

Whats the hostname in question?

yes i created it as subdomain
it is

That 404 comes straight from your server. Either you simply havent uploaded the content or the entire configuration is missing.

I am afraid that a question for your host.

i contacted them many times and every time they don’t have a straight answer,
always they say dns is not refer to our hosting, and that’s right because it is Cloudflare dns …
i got tired from this issue,
about files, i already installed a wordpress in reyad directory

Well, if they are not familiar with how Cloudflare works I would suggest to switch to another host, as I’d expect someone who provides services in that field to know what Cloudflare is.

You really need to check that with your host, respectively verify yourself that the webserver (via CPanel if you want) is properly configured to serve the hostname in question.

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so which hosting you suggest ?

Cant make any recommendation in this regard. I think there was somewhere a thread here on the forum, but it really comes down to your needs.

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thank you very much for your help

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