Subdomain is not working with Cloudflare

We just noticed that our subdomains do not work after setting up our cloudflare account.

For example:
Our main site is
Our subdomain is:

The subdomain does not work at all. Is this common? Or are we missing something?

Cloudflare does not allow us to add Subdomains.
Cloudflare does not allow us to add CNAMES in DNS for Subdomains
Cloudflare does not offer online support / chat / phone support for FREE accounts

So…What is the solution? Can Anyone here in the Community explain what is going on?

Thank you in advance for your immediate response. I greatly appreciate the support!

Also Note: We contacted our hosting company and they said that because our DNS is being pointed to Cloudflare, we should contact them to fix it.

Cloudflare only allows you to add a domain, unless you’re on a Business or Enterprise plan with a CNAME setup. Any subdomains you wish to add belong under the domain in your account.

It most certainly does. Many people add www as a CNAME with a target of

Cloudflare offers online support for Free accounts, either through the dashboard, or via email to support AT cloudflare DOT com. They’ll assign a ticket number, and if it’s something that can’t be fixed in the Community, it gets kicked back to Support for resolution.

Add a DNS record for a2hconsulting on the same screen as your other DNS records using the +Add Record button.

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Thank you for clarifying.
I search best I could before posting. I look on your product details here and was made to believe that no support available for Free accounts. (

Also, thanks for the fast response time. The support works here!

Thanks again SDayman

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