Subdomain is 'not propagating'

Subdomain is ‘not propagating’. I’m trying to work with a landing page creator app, for which I need to use a subdomain, and this is what they tell me. Anyone who can help?

What is that hostname?

Resolves just fine


Non-authoritative answer:
Addresses:  2606:4700:3037::681b:ac6e

It certainly is not a CNAME, but that is obviously because it is proxied.

You will probably have to unproxy that record. Please use the search too as that topic comes up regularly.

HELP! I have read around, tried suggested solutions to “subdomain not propagating”, but it’s still not resolved. Is there anyone who can help please? Thank you.

The record is now unproxied. If it still does not work you should contact your host.

Help me i have the same issue…My website is and i want to set but it is being opened as if i have no file on the subdomain while i have installed already my wordpress on it

Ignore my request…The issue has been resolved by just unproxie …Now the remaining one is that after unproxie , the SSL Is returning error…invalid ssl

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