Subdomain is not available


Its not possible to open my subdomain
only work perfect.

I called 1&1, but they told me it has something to to with my nameserver and since I use the CDN from cloudlflare and so the nameservers from Cloudflare
I want to ask, if somebody can help me and tell what I can do.

1&1 is telling me that I should reset my nameservers to the default nameservers from 1&1, but then I dont have the CDN.
Thats the message I get:
“The DNS records are inactive because they use custom name servers. To re-enable the DNS records, you can reset the name servers to the 1 & 1 IONOS default settings.”



In the Cloudflare DNS tab, you should create an A record:

Name: www
Value: same IP address as your record for ( X.X.X.131)

If you need help creating the A record, please see:

Thank you! Now it works.

But when I want to add the CNAME typ for I get this error:

A CName record already exists with that host. Code: 81053

It already exists for but not for

Should I just ignore this? Or what can I do?

Thank you for your time

What CNAME do you need? You already have an A record so you shouldn’t need a CNAME as well…

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