Subdomain is blocked

Hello All,
I have a free account with Cloudflare. I had set up CF for my main domain, it works OK. However now I have a subdomain, and it is blocked/doesn’t work. I added my subdomain here in my CF account, I added it in the DNS management panel, with CNAME type, Name is my subdomain and Content is my domain. Proxy status is yellow, proxied. But something is wrong (I waited 24 hours but still not working). I dont understand the CNAME and A types, possibly there is something wrong, or some redirections (?), but these are Chinese to me.
Or subdomain is not avalible in CF in the free plan? Then I should give up CF for my domain as well?
Thanks for any help.

Free plans can accommodate subdomains. To troubleshoot, I suggest that you set it to :grey: DNS Only so you can first properly set up that site (including HTTPS).

Thank you for your reply sdayman. Finally (after cc. 20 minutes) I found where to change it to DNS only (from Proxied), not that I understand what they mean. :frowning: The subdomain is still blocked/unavailable. I can’t get into my subdomain, this is getting very frustrating.

Then it’s a hosting issue. :grey: connections go straight to your server. You’ll have to get assistance from your host.


Thanks, I will call them (again).
A side question: when I changed the nameservers for my domain, does this automatically apply to the subdomain as well?

Yes, the name servers are for everything under your domain.

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