Subdomain is a different company as the main domain. how can i set this up?

Hello there,

I am having some problems in the setup of the service, I’ve set it up once before for another client, but now i have to do another one. the problem however we do not own, control or are able to touch the main domain settings.

The client has multiple entities in their business, the main domain (say is tied to the main company branch. Managed by another agency then ours.
We maintain and work on the domain instead. which is an company on its own separate from the main company, they have contracted us now to set up Cloudflare.

Of-course you cannot set up Cloudflare in a sub-domain, as we figured out just now. And by the looks of it the main domain ( has a Cloudflare account we don’t know about.

Now my question is; If we get access to their Cloudflare account, can we then set up the sub domain separately? We need things like “Mirage” & “Polish”, i dont think the main domain needs that, so can these be set up separately?


What exactly do you mean by set up?

You can enable it zone-wide and then use page rules to disable it for the main site.

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