Subdomain HTTPS issue


I have configured a sumdomain for a tool I am using.

When ever I enable “proxied” for the DNS settings they have given, the above link simply directs me to my home domain. And shows 2 A records when I check using Mxtoolbox

but when I disable “proxied”, the subdomain is accessible but “Not Secure” message. I had reached out the tool I am using, after a few days of trying to figure things on their end they got back saying I should reach cloudflare as everything on their end seems to be perfect.

Here is the sumdomain I am referring to: (I have disabled “proxied” for time being)

Please assist as I am trying to sort this out from many weeks

That’s a far cry from “perfect.” You need to secure it at the origin.

This is normal, as Cloudflare assigns two IPv4 addresses for redundancy.

It’s quite possible you have a Page Rule that’s redirecting subdomains, like ** to the apex domain.

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