Subdomain How To

What do you need to do to create a subdomain? I know basically nothing about all this and need simple how to instructions because everything I’ve read so far is Greek to me.

Is anybody able to help provide step-by-step instructions?

A subdomain for what is the question - a website, emails, TXT record verification, etc

A subdomain is just a DNS record with a name other than @ - as @ means the domain as-is like

I don’t know how to create the subdomain in Cloudflare and need instructions.

Hi @jbanman are you still encountering this issue?

There are a number of #tutorial on adding/editing dns records. I noticed your ticket with Support and want to point out that Support agents cannot make changes to your Cloudflare account, you’ll need to make those changes yourself.

This #tutorial is really helpful

And links to these related tutorials: Adding DNS Records , Editing DNS Records and Step 3: Enabling the ‘Orange Cloud’

Thanks for your help. Unfortunately, yes, I am still encountering this issue. I can’t get my ecommerce store online until I get this figured out. I’ve checked the tutorials and I’m not sure what is wrong.

I’m really frustrated with the lack of support with Cloudflare. I’m stuck.


Create subdomain · Cloudflare DNS docs

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