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I started working on a strange project that consist in using this app on an old phone to show an HTML page that updates about some data every x minutes
Now, it is currently displaying an IP Address that only works in my house Wi-Fi
I do have a domain (like and i want to connect that “phone-server” to something as subdomain (like
Any idea on how to add it?


May I ask by what meaning “connect”? :thinking:

Are you using Cloudflare WARP or tunnel, or Zero Trust and wanting to expose your application/phone/device?

Otherwise, trying to create a which should load and show some content?

You’d want to add a new DNS record for thar particular sub-domain at the DNS tab of Coudflare dashboard for your zone, therefrom point it to the origin host/server where the content is being located and hosted.

Otherwise, you might be wanting to use Cloudflare Workers or Cloudflare Pages? :thinking:

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I mean instead of just me seeing the server contents on an IP address in my Wi-Fi, make sure that everyone around the world can access it through a subdomain on my domain


I’d suggest, the easiest and safest way would be to setup and use Cloudflared tunnel to expose it via local network to the Internet:

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I will give it a look. Thanks

In other cases, what can be the alternatives?

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