Subdomain going through application even if not enable


I have a tunnel with Unraid that works perfectly and also have an application with OTP for added security,.
I created a subdomain to go through the tunnel but I don’t want it to go through the application but even though it’s not enable in the configuration it goes through it.

Any thoughts?

Thx in advance

Hi @princeofdarknes

You have a wildcard (*) in your application configuration under subdomain, this means that you automatically route all your subdomains through the tunnel.

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Hi @louise2 ,

Yes but it tried to add the other ones manually in order to not include the one I want not to go through it, but got a limit of subdomains hat I could add…
Is there a way to override this?

Remove the wildcard domain. Define each domain explicitly.

There is a limit of 5,000 policies I believe. Copy \ paste policy configs via code (e.g. terraform).


Just added 5 subdomains associated with the tunnel which I want the application to run and can’t add any more.

If there’s any other way I appreciate the help.

Create an access policy per application. In general the use of additional domains in a policy would be for additional hosts to be covered by an access policy (e.g. and for an app

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