Subdomain from godaddy not working

I recently moved my nameservers from Godaddy to cloudfalre. This went well. However, my subdomain is now not showing:

I had SSL working on both domain which I purchased from Godaddy. SSL seems to still be good on the primary domain.

I have seen several topics about this but I am having trouble figuring out what to do.

Please can someone help, I am hoping it is a matter of just adding a record. Is there a way to get this subdomain back showing again ASAP.

Thanks in advance


You don’t seem to have a DNS record for “admissions”. You need to add this to Cloudflare and point it to the right IP address.

Yes thank you, but I don’t really know is its a cname or an A record, also I don;'t know what IP address to send it to.

Who would have that info?

It probably is the same IP address you already have for your other hostnames in your DNS settings.

ok I will try to add an A record with the same IP as the primary domain?

Or is it a CNAME?

Just copy the records you already have and assign the right name.

Thank you for the help.

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