Subdomain Forwards

Now that google domains sold to squarespace, I don’t think I’d like to stay. Maybe I’m wrong and their DNS won’t be too bad, or too lacking in features, but unlikely haha. So now I’m planning to move all of many domains primarily to cloudflare. The only drawback that I’m looking for insights on, is subdomain forwarding massively small limit. Perhaps this is not an industry standard, as I’ve ONLY used google domains for registrar management, call me a google fanboy I suppose haha, but they allowed for unlimited subdomain forwards. This seems like something that should be standard, as it isn’t really using resources or anything I can think of that require having to put behind a pay wall / higher tier plan…

To my understanding, the free plan here on cf, or now “free” because I’ll be renewing all my domains as I switch them over proper, will limit to 3 rules, and charge $5/mon for more. Not many more. This seems a bit stringent, and I’d hope there’s enough nerds like me that beg for a change in this policy soon due to a likely influx of domain hosting people like myself.

Now I use the pro plan with no worries on main company domain, and haven’t exceeded the limit of rules to be taxed for simply wanting to forward more subdomains to important sites like say my social medias for easy access, however if I were to hit this limit I’d be pretty salty I have to pay more for not many more rules to be used to simply forward a domain.

Is there anything I’m missing that I can use on a hobby domain, that I have several forwards for, but can’t rationalize paying the monthly plan cost for as of now? If not, please point me to the suggestion box haha.

Love cf for my main site, and look forward to making this my new registrar home for now, but I fear I may have to venture elsewhere for my hobby domains for this silly little reason of domain forwards cap :person_facepalming:. Oh the silly little things we come up with nerding out right?


Sounds like a good plan.

That’s for Page Rules.

Redirect Rules get you 10 per domain, and you can also use a Bulk Redirect list for another 20:

So, that gets you a grand total of 33 on a free plan.

If you really want to go crazy, you can get essentially an unlimited amount using a free Worker, as long as you stay under 100,000 requests per day :grin:. This example is a little rough, but it can be modified to map subdomains to new destinations:


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