Subdomain forwarding to unknow site


My website subdomains are forwarding unknow site.(Basically ads sites). My host is ifastnet. they told because this happen, I’m using cloudflare nameserves. That meant, cloudflare using sudomain to for advertising. is that true?



Whats the domain?

#3 Still dummy domain(checking domain) :slight_smile:


Do you wanna their customer service reply?


Your domain still points to a 185 address, which is fastnet, in the first place. If there is an issue you’d need to contact them regarding that. Though I couldnt find any advertisements on your page.



yeah. I know. they are pointing finger at cloudflare.


Hosters often do :wink: but Cloudflare is not involved at all here. Cloudflare provides your DNS service, but everything web related comes from your hoster. Maybe switching host would be a good idea at this point :slight_smile:

But anyhow, I cant find ads anyhow.


reload page double times. then you will take it ads.


Customer services don’t know, what they are saying. so dummy.


No ads, I even disabled my adblocker :laughing:

Where should they be? Can you post a screenshot?

In these cases it is best to switch to a competent host.


wait. forwarding so many url. then stop in one place. This time virus guard caught phishing site. :slight_smile:



can’t upload more screenshots. User limited.


Exept of this one. Nothing.


I wonder if it could be the OP’s machine which serves the ads. @christianwilken1, do you have these ads anywhere else too?


I don’t clear what you meant?


type whatever subdomain you like. Then you will see ads.


Thats a different story though and not on your site itself.

You must have a wildcard CNAME pointing to bodis[dot]com and thats where the ads get served. This is actually Cloudflare related, but not Cloudflare’s fault as you seem to have configured that (or auto-imported it during the setup). Check your CNAME DNS entries and delete that one.


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