Subdomain forwarding to external URL


I am trying to create the subdomain and have it redirect to a notion page.

I created a record in the DNS tab:

Then I created a page rule to forward the URL.

But I get an error.

What am I missing? Do I need to do something else (through my domain provider - NameCheap - or my host - Bluehost)?

The page rule doesn’t seem to be the problem because I got the forwarding working with


You want to forward, not, so you’ll have to adjust the page rule accordingly.

What exactly is the issue? Post a screenshot of your page rule.

Thanks for the quick reply.

Here is the screenshot of the page rules

What I was saying is is redirecting to the page (I used the same page rule) but is not.

Have you tried purging your Cloudflare cache already?

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Can you check if you are configuring the right Cloudflare account? The nameservers given for that account are clark and jocelyn, right?

Hi Sandro,

I only have 1 cloudflare account, for the growthgems domain.

You’re correct on the nameservers.

I had initially tried to set this up through the solution indicated at fruition site, but it does not work with a “redirection” to a private Notion page. So I deleted the worker a few minutes ago.

Now I purged the cache a couple of times, and now it seems like it’s working.

Thanks for your help!

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