Subdomain/Forwarding Help

Kinda New to this stuff. Have switched my Godaddy nameserver over to CF and that works fine for I used CNAME to Target (w/ DNS only) in Cloudflare and that works fine.

My library site I created, on Teachable com, has a separate enrollment link for my students and I want to make the enrollment page separate from the log in page. Here is what I need in a subdomain redirect.

Enroll.MyDomain com

Forwarded to:

Library.Teachable com/sign_up

I was able to setup this exact subdomain forwarding quite easily in GoDaddy, however now that I am in CF, GoDaddy forwarding no longer works and I cannot figure out how to actually set that up in CF. If someone can give me specific steps to do this I would appreciate it. Also appreciate if you can speak English not teckie, I would appreciate it.

Exact steps would be helpful. I suppose one question is can CF redirect to a Target subdomain with a Right Slash on it?

Thanks for your assistance )))

You can do this by using Page Rules for the Enroll subdomain.

URL Matches:*
Forwarding URL: 301 - Permanent Redirect

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