Subdomain for Shopify with Cloudflare


I’ve got a subdomain for a Shopify store that I’m trying to setup through Cloudlfare.

I’ve looked at previous posts about CNAME and A records regarding subdomains for Shopify.

I know the CNAME needs to be set to DNS only and if you delete the A record and enter the CNAME record that it will then point to

What I wasn’t sure of from the different forum posts: does there still need to be an A record entered?
If I try to point an A record with the same subdomain name as the CNAME to Shopify’s IP either with DNS only or Proxied it has an error - “A CNAME already exists with that host”.

Should I then take it that I don’t need to worry about the A record at all?


If it’s a subdomain, then you can only have that CNAME entry (or “A” record). There’s no way to have both an “A” record and a “CNAME” for the same subdomain.


Ok thanks @sdayman - so taking what you say - as long as I have a CNAME then I won’t need an A record as well?

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