Subdomain for Sendinblue Emails

Hello, I’m trying to add a subdomain to be used by the sendinblue email service. The instructions are here
with this video:

The video instructs you to make an A record for your subdomain, and then to also make 2 NS records for it as well. But when I try to add the NS records after adding the A record, it gives me an error that “Non-NS records already exists with that host. (Code: 81055)”

If i try to add the NS records first, when I add the A record it gives me the error “NS records already exist with that host. (Code: 81056)”

I’ve watched the sendinblue video numerous times, is there something I’m missing? I’m trying to make the subdomain mail.mydomain

That doesn’t make sense. Sendinblue is saying they want to be DNS for that subdomain…but want you to also be DNS for that subdomain with that “A” record.

I didn’t watch the video, but I read the page. It looks like the “A” record is if you don’t want to use the NS records. So skip the “A” record for now and see if that works.

Ok thanks sdayman, I will try it. I had actually tried it a few days ago but it never seemed to propagate. If I do it now I should be able to test it with dig in 24 hours, yes?

It should be faster than that. About an hour.

For anyone following up on this thread – I had to use the “Expert” panel to set up the subdomain because my website is being proxied through Cloudflare.

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And one more issue – the A record should not be proxied ie: click the orange cloud to make it grey

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