Subdomain for hosted google mail


My client is using google mail under their domain name.
I the past we could use the google custom mail link as

This was done using a CNAME record at the registrar that points to the google server.

CNAME | mail |

But for some reason this doesn’t work for us any more with Cloudflare.

Does anyone have any idea how to solve this under Cloudflare?


Could be the use of SSL (I know the redirect only works on plain old HTTP at the Google end).

You could make sure the record is being proxied (orange cloud) and then add a page rule to do the redirect to the correct GMail URL instead of letting G Suite do it. Something like:

URL matches:*
Forwarding URL (302, temp redirect) to Sign in - Google Accounts

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Thank you Saul,

Using the proxied option (oranged) solved that issue.