Subdomain for emails

i have domain in cloudflare, its pointing to my server… all is normal
i need to create subdomain and on that subdomain i need to setup zoho emails .
how to create subdomain and then after i create that subdomain, should i add that subdomain as a new website and add the emails record there or i can add emails records to the main domain dashboard?
example :
[Preformatted text](

[type or paste code here](
[type or paste code here](mailto:[email protected])

Kindly Advise

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You will not add a new website in Cloudflare. The dashboard will reject your attempt to add it. The subdomain is managed in the existing website in Cloudflare.

Email for a subdomain is no different than email at your apex. Instead of naming the MX and SPF records @, you will use the name of the subdomain instead. Your DKIM records will need to be created relative to the subdomain.

MX records example:

subdomain MX 10
subdomain MX 20

SPF record example:

subdomain TXT v=spf1 -all

Your DKIM name will be formatted as selector._domainkey.subdomain


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