Subdomain Failed SSL Certificate Challenge Data Not Visible

I have several domains with Cloudflare where a certificate is not being issued (see screen shot below). My domains all have subdomains where certificates are not being issued. For example,, the certificates are not being issue? I currently use blogger and something is not compatible with Cloudflare. Please help as I have been trying for months to get an answer. I recently moved my domain away from Cloudflare to prove this point. When I moved the domain it worked fine and the certificate was issued.

For me ALL these Domains are having a valid SSL Cert, beside:
But all others work properly, even which is still using CloudFlare.

Can you actually show the issue. Beside that screenshot, that does not show that these have failing SSL certificates, it just states this, but not proves it, NOR does it not give any usable Error which with we could work.

Another possibillity:
the page you tested was just shortly moved to CloudFlare and therefore the NameServers have not been propagated fully yet, which would result in this test being tested against the origin Server which shows the CloudFlare origin Server Certificate which is not publicly valid, but just behind CloudFlare while being proxied.