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Good Day!

Our website is hosted through Cloudflare with the domain sample “” with dedicated public ip address
This root domain is working just fine.

Now, I am task to create a subdomain for pointing to another public ip with a local server with our network.
In Cloudflare DNS record, I created an A record for subdomain pointing to another public ip address.

sample : DNS record
A blog another public ip address. Proxied

  1. This is the error i encounter when i access within our network.
    This site can’t be reached.
    Check if there is a typo in

    2.This is the error i encounter when i access it external.
    Web server is down. Error code 521

Are you able to share the subdomain in question so we can take a look?

this is the subdomain.

I’m not getting DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN. The subdomain is resolving fine, and I’m only getting the second error.

This means Cloudflare is correctly resolving the subdomain to the IP address you provided, but the webserver at that end is not responding.

And that should be expected if the application at the IP address you pointed to is not running or there’s some other problem there.

If you’re still setting this up, consider temporarily disabling the proxy for the subdomain so the request will go directly to the origin IP address, making it easier to know what problem(s) may exist there. Once everything is up and running, you can turn on the Proxy again.

Good luck!

I will look into this matter again… as we have third party who configure the local server.
but in my end i have properly configured the dns records and allow rules for the outside access. I will get back to you.

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