Hi, I have this problem (DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN) since I have activated Cloudflare on my subdomain
I have already add an A record pointing to the server but no changes…
All my other website are working properly with same configuraton.
Please help me.

The issue is not but rather that you are redirecting to

That record neither exists nor would work even if you added it, as you’d also need an ACM certificate.

Simply disable the www redirect on your server.

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Thanks Sandro, sorry I’m not an expert…
If I remove the CNAME www on I’m going to loose the www on the main domain in order to have the subdomain working again.
I have just migrate all my website from Siteground to Hostinger and before everithing was working properly domain and sub-domain both with www.
Thanks so much for your support.

If you require the www in front, then you will have to create the necessary record and purchase the ACM certificate. Alternatively you can keep the record unproxied.

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