Subdomain / ERP traffic issue

Having issues with my ERP not working properly on the Cloudflare platform. It’s become very buggy, giving all sorts of NULL errors and not sending email from the system. I’m on the verge of removing Cloudflare completely if I can’t get this fixed.

Our ERP system is hosted at AWS on our servers
Our corporate website is hosted at Bluehost
We have a subdomain setup in Cloudflare that points to the IP address of the application server for our ERP.

In theory we don’t need our ERP traffic to go through Cloudflare at all, we just need it for our website.

Is there a way to exclude all of our ERP traffic coming/going through our subdomain? When we have the subdomain setup through our host it works perfectly, when going through Cloudflare it does not.

Any ideas here?

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