Subdomain Email Routing

Hi there,

I would like to know if anyone else is trying to make an email routing from cloudflare to use it as subdomain. for the moment, I added the DNS records / MX recommended by cloudflare however I’m sending emails(sender) and zero bounces recommend a sub domain alongside MX records.

So, I know this is a often topic sometimes in the forums but I never try it using Cloudflare Email Routing services I don’t know if it compatible because DMARC Managment is very clear when you say: You can’t use subdomain DMARC because we don’t support it yet.

if it possible to make it works with cloudflare’s email routing I’ll be glad :smile: thanks,


if you’re talking about Cloudflare’s Email Routing / Forwarding Service, sadly it is not supported to use subdomains:

Subdomains are only supported for Enterprise customers

Subdomains cannot use Email Routing to forward emails, unless they are part of an Enterprise account.


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