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Recently i started to notice a strange behaviour under one of my DNS records - a subdomain.
The problem appears in the subdomain “” (and, of course, DNS record is for “files”)

I notice that this specific record dosn’t appear to be affected by the “Purge cache” or even Development Mode On. For instance, if i do a “Purge Everything”, the files under this record don’t get clear at all.
Everything else is purged, so isn’t a problem with all the records, only this one.

Also, even with the “Development Mode” on, that specific record still continues to serve cached files and going to your servers.
This can be checked in this image

And here is some test file, if needed:

As you can see there, the Cloudflare cache is being “HIT” even with the Development Mode active. This happens in every request, no matter what.
Also, there is no Page Rule active that can affect the cache.

What could be causing this problem?


I believe this may be related to a reported issue:


Thanks for the info, but i don’t think is related to that in this case.
This problem have been happening for more that one month. The cache test in the image of the first post is from the beggining of this month…


In that case I’d recommend opening a case with support, login to Cloudflare and then contact Cloudflare Support


I have done that. 15 days and still no answer…
ID 1487059

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