Subdomain does not work

I have a domain configured in Cloudflare, all the notes for the domain like www, ftp, mail and others work using the Cloudflare Proxy.

My situation is in a subdomain that I added that does not work when I apply the Cloudflare Proxy. This subdomain is an address of a service using Citrix XenApp. Is it possible to use Proxy for this type of service?

Is that service using HTTP/HTTPS traffic on a port Cloudflare support?

The service address is using HTTP protocol.

On one of those ports?

The URL is as follows:

Then there should be no reason for it to not work. Do you have the automatic redirect to HTTPS enabled?

If you can share the domain name do so, otherwise the only option would be to contact support.

Yes, I have HTTPS redirection. If not, does the Cloudflare filter mean that it does not redirect to HTTPS?

Because when unchecking works, even the URL being HTTP.

A couple more questions, then I’ll probably give you a solution.

  • What setting is SSL on? Flexible or Full?
  • Is the redirect being done Cloudflare side or server side?

Answering your questions:

SSL Configuration -> Flexible

Redirection is being done by Cloudflare.

Sorry, didn’t get the notification, you need to reply to me directly for me to get it.

When you access the domain on port 8080 I can’t really say for sure what happens with the port, since the standard way is 80 -> 443, could it be going to 8443? I really don’t know.

This except for the doubt with the ports (and the fact that the encryption isn’t really there) should work fine.

Sorry, I did not quite understand what you explained.

Some explanations about the problem:

1- When the Cloudflare proxy is not active, the Citrix XenApp agent works, however, the URL in the browser does not work because it redirects to HTTPS.

2- When you activate the proxy to use Cloudflare the Citrix XenApp agent stops working and the URL maintains the same redirect behavior.

I was confused by these tests if the problem is the redirection to HTTPS, but if it was in any of the above situations it would work.

What do you think it might be? or does it not really work?

I expect the Citrix app expects HTTP and not HTTPS.

The redirect is the issue, I suppose… The browser continues to do it even when CF is disabled since it may remember it (do you HSTS enabled?).

Try creating a Page Rule for that URL, ideally the whole subdomain (e.g.*) and disable SSL there.

I would really advise against using anything that is not over HTTPS nowadays… It should also be HTTPS back to the origin.

I disabled the HTTPS redirection of the domain in Cloudflare and had two problems:

1- The site has stopped accessing and it is necessary to change the address specifying http;
2- The Citrix XenApp address on the Agent also did not work.

I’m finding that using the proxy filter for this kind of service does not really work, just like using ftp.

For 1. I guess you had some sort of HSTS so that needs to be maintained on active.

For 2. unfortunately unless you contact support so that they can check the actual data passing though, since you don’t share the domain (totally understandable), I can’t help you more…

The domain is corporate and unfortunately do not pass more data on. Thank you very much for your attention.

Do you know which email I call support?

The best way is this…

Login to Cloudflare and then contact Cloudflare Support using the “Get More Help” button.

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