Subdomain does not send mail

Dear, I have created a subdomain but it does not send me the emails from the platform. Should I add a field? I just added the record: A / Comunidad. I want to send mail with an address that I already use in the main domain. Thank you.

Cloudflare does not handle email, so that won’t be Cloudflare related.

That being said, every record which is email related needs to be :grey:. If you are trying to send emails using that hostname you need to make sure it is unproxied and switch it to :grey:.

Thanks Sandro. He was asking why maybe he should add some record to send from the subdomain. Something like an MX /
I say this without knowing, only that I recently created the subdomain and maybe I should adjust something here tbn.

You shouldn’t need to do anything else. The subdomain should send email just like the main domain does. This is assuming that you’re not using an email like [email protected].

Do you want to receive email under @comu....? If so you will need an MX record, but that’s about receiving emails, not sending.

Again, everything mail related should be :grey: regardless if it is for sending or receiving.

Thank you. No, I am using the domain name.

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