Subdomain does not resolve

I really hope I am not being silly here, but I have a lot of subdomains, and I have just added another, and it does not resolve at all.

My domain is using the Cloudflare NS (I’ve double checked).
I have added the new subdomain to the DNS for the domain (I’ve double checked)
I’ve used the correct IP (CDN is on as well).

But it does not resolve, in the browser or with a ping.

The subdomain is

It is a new subdomain as well.

I am using the & DNS resolvers.

Any advice?

On Cloudflare? That host does not resolve at all.

Can you post a screenshot of that record on Cloudflare?

I know! Here is the screenshot…

Any ideas?!

Probably affected by

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Many thanks- probably was… as it is working now!

Shame the system status doesnt appear in the account area :frowning:

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I will pass this feedback on :slightly_smiling_face:


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