Subdomain does not point to my site

Good morning all,

I manage a website that I switched to cloudflare.

Since then, when accessing my subdomain, I no longer access my site and I am redirected to another site when I type the url without the www.

My site is accessible only by typing

Could someone give me some explanations?

I’m new to dns and also english ^^

Thanks for all the help.

You shouldn’t use FTP in your browser to view your website. FTP is for uploading files and should be set to :grey:.

To reach your site without www, add a redirect:

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I followed the tutorial.

When I type, I am always redirected to another site that does not belong to me:

Can you help me ?

Here is my dns configuration, if it helps:

Your redirects are working correctly for me.

ho, yes, it was my browser that had a problem.
After clearing the cache, it also works: D

Thank you so much.

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