Subdomain do not working

I connect my domain with Cloudflare. After adding my site my sub domains are not working. I watched many videos on youtube. Applied all steps but facing same issue. My subdomain is not working.

For me its working:

Go clear DNS Cache and Browser Cache, then retry

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Domain is working. But subdomain is not working

True. I did not test the Subdomain but the Domain.

The Subdomain does fire a ERR_SSL_VERSION_OR_CIPHER_MISMATCH Error.
Which SSL Certificate have you implemented?
Is it the Origin SSL Cert from CloudFlare?

Looks like your subdomain is forwarding to the www version. Make sure it is using the subdomain instead of

You can additionally add CNAME record for this to

But iā€™m not sure cloudflare will provide SSL for that

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True, its a Sub-Sub-Domain which is not supported in most SSL Certs

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