Subdomain DNS to AWS Load Balancer only works with HTTP not HTTPS

Hi Guys

So I have a application load balancer on AWS that I am using Cloudflare DNS to forward to as you can see from the two links it works fine on http and https when I use the load balancers DNS:


However when I use my domain where Cloudflare is managing the DNS https does not work but http does.


I have upload my certificate from Cloudflare to AWS to make sure they are using the same but the issue seems to be on Cloudflares side

In order to get to work on HTTPS with Cloudflare you will need a $10/month dedicated certificate. That host name is two levels too deep to be covered by the free universal certificate.

Hi Sandro

Thanks for the reply, I have dedicated certificate already covering


One at $5 a month or $10 a month?

Hi Sandro

The $5 a month one.

Are you saying simply updating is all I need to do?

I feel so stupid.




Thank you so much

You need the $10 one. Only that certificate supports hosts on the level you are after.

Once you have that certificate you should include the host in question, after which HTTPS requests should work fine.

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