Subdomain DNS records

Dns A record for a subdomain is pointed to my IP address but for some reasouns it’s resolving to a weird one that I don’t even recognise and is def not mine
The A record is reflecting to:
Can anyone please help me regarding this I need to get my subdomain up and running asap

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It’s resolved now thank you but I need to activate the SSL certifiacte for the subdomain can you please let me know how I can do that from my cloudflare account ?

For installation on your server, right?

No my server already have a valid SSL certificate I need one for my subdomain

Hi @ALbatros55,

The Cloudflare Universal Certificate has a wildcard covering all first level subdomains. If you need a subdomain deeper than that, you will need the paid Advanced Certificate Manager add-on.

That’s the thing it says that it’s secured but whenever I try to access the domain name it just gives me an HTML 404 Error and I won’t be able to access it at all do you know how to fix that ?

Set that subdomain DNS record to :grey:. Wait a few minutes and your connection should be going direct to the server. Make sure your site loads directly with working HTTPS before you then switch back to :orange:.

A 404 is not an SSL issue in this case but comes straight from your server. You probably have some wrong configuration on your server and do not return the right content for your new hostname. Aforementioned pausing will allow you to connect directly to your server and debug this better.

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