Subdomain DNS Records Issue - Please Kindly Help

I am trying to get email working for a subdomain I created on our TLD, but email is not coming through on any of the email addresses on the subdomain for some reason. I thought I set up everything correctly within my Cloudflare DNS records, but I guess not.

For the information I am providing below I am using “” as a generic example for the DNS records I created. Here is how I configured it:

A record:
Name: subdomain
IPv4 address: My Host Server’s IP Addrress

MX record:
Name: @
Mail Server:

If I go to in a browser then the test website I created on the subdomain works. So it seems the A record is correct. It is just incoming email that is having a problem and doesn’t arrive to any of the email addresses I created on the subdomain.

Any suggestions on how to fix the problem would be very much appreciated.

Thank you.

Without knowing actual hostnames, I can only direct you to this:

Thank you @sdayman for your fast reply. I watched the video and all is clear and I got it working now.

What I did was change the A record name to “@” instead of using the subdomain for the subdomain’s A record name. Not sure if that was necessary or not though?

But then I also created another A record as follows:

A record:
Name: mail.subdomain
IPv4 address: My Host Server’s IP Address

I think perhaps it was the added A record that fixed it, but not sure if changing the name on the original sub-domain’s A record also was part of the successful fix?

Thanks again.

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