Subdomain DNS propagation

I am trying to add a sub domain and point it to another IP address but it does not seem to propagate. Please advise, thank you.

What’s the subdomain name? (full hostname)


The subdomain is

The subdomain does appear to be working in the sense that the DNS records exist, but Cloudflare is showing the origin webserver is down.

You can see the DNS resolves on Cloudflare’s authoritative DNS servers and various other resolvers, but if you visit the page itself from a browser you’ll see the Cloudflare-side error which includes a link to this help page article.


I have pointed the IP address of the A records for to: using my Cloudflare account. Are you saying that the web server is not able to be reached?

Apologies but I will need your advice on this matter. Thank you.

Try to access your page with that IP. Does it work?
Are there any firewall rules set up on your server?

This screenshot could mean nothing if your firewall is properly configured but:


Reply from the end user side: “While setting A records, it doesn’t matter whether the target server is ready or not! You just help to configure the DNS to For I need to configure SSL certification before dns work!”

Does the server have to be ready for us to point the A records?

Well then, job done!

Sounds to me like there’s currently no live service. Leave it alone until their setup is ready.


Their server has already been configured but it seems like the A records for the sub domain is not propagating. Can advise?


That server is sending an empty reply for HTTP and does not have HTTPS configured.

In Cloudflare DNS, set the DNS entry for ‘dms’ to :grey: so you can fix your server. After you fix your server, you can set it to :orange: again.

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Noted with thanks!

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