Subdomain DNS Configuration Issue - redirecting root

We set up a DNS entry for and found that traffic addressed to the root was sent to the subdomain.

Traffic to was routed correctly however.

There were separate CNAME records set up for and though, so confused why traffic was being misdirected.

Have I missed something stupid? We’ve done this on other domains previously and it’s worked perfectly.

Without seeing actual hostnames, we can only speculate. But it sounds like a server misconfiguration to me. The browser sends a host header, so it’s up to the server to send the correct response for that hostname.

Thanks for jumping in!

Sadly couldn’t leave it up as was breaking a live site. They were going to different server locations through. Records were along the lines of:
CNAME test
but ended up on the Kinsta server.

Does that help at all? Sounds like you’re suggesting that the config on one of the webservers was what was causing it? Confused as to why root traffic got to Kinsta at all.

DNS is not by strong suit so really appreciate the help. Thanks

Kinsta uses Cloudflare. So if you’ve ever added a site to Kinsta, they probably added your domain to their Cloudflare account and now have control over one or more of your domain hostnames. You would have to ask Kinsta to remove that from their Cloudflare account. WP Engine does the same thing, so keep that all in mind since they control your Cloudflare settings for what they host.

Ah! Brilliant

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