Subdomain DNS A Record Being Deleted

I have created a subdomain recently and created A record. It was working fine. Following day the subdomain is down and the A record is automaitcally deleted/disappeared.

I have to create a new record to keep the subdomain running then the following day the record will be deleted again

Are you using any third party integration tools like ezoic, shopify or other? If so, then there’s a possibility of such event. If not, make sure to check your audit report and best suggested check the following doc:


No i am not sing any third party, it is wordpress and woocommerce that`s all

You will want to read the whole guide, but be sure to look at Step 5 in the article that @neiljay shared. The audit log will show you details about the deletion.


Thank you. I have checked the audit log and i can see that every time the record is added. It is again deleted by itself.

“comment”: null,
“content”: “3tEu51BvDMrn4YcvPtIh68SveD77375syhiRwSoWY_w”,
“id”: “f091f6fc97d3cdf27798ec50466d4025”,
“name”: “”,
“proxied”: false,
“tags”: ,
“ttl”: 1,
“type”: “TXT”,
“zone_id”: “b1c5d2d68885a04a3d9eb98497447659”,
“zone_name”: “--------”

Thanks. I have checked the audit log and found out the record is being deleted every time i create one. But can not find the reason for deletion.

It should indicate what user account or API token is authenticating the deletion.


Correct but not sure tbh what does that mean. I tried copying the log in here but then my reply was not allowed so i removed some of the log

comment": null,
content": “0t1KXXXXX”,
id": “ec5XXXXXX”,
name": “”,
proxied": false,
tags": ,
ttl": 1,
type": “TXT”,
zone_id": “b1c5d2dXXXXX”,

That’s a TXT record used by ACME for automated certificate issuance. It is normal to see them created and removed. Your first post indicated that you were having trouble with A records. Did you find any of those in the log?

Yes i founf a log for A records.

comment": null,
content": “85.1XX.XXXX”,
id": “170XXXXX”,
name": “XXXcom”,
proxied": true,
tags": ,
ttl": 1,
type": “A”,
zone_id": “b1c5XXXX”,
zone_name": “XXXcom”

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