Subdomain Directs To Router Login

This is my first time here, is it alright if I post here or is there a dedicated help channel? I bought my domain from Hostinger and changed the nameservers to Cloudflare’s(not sure if this is important information). I have a local webserver that I’m trying to point to a subdomain. I created an A record and pointed it to my WAN, then I made an SRV for the port the webserver is running on and pointed it to the A record. Whenever I visit the subdomain I had created it takes me to my router’s login information. I followed directions that I had previously used for a game server thinking it would be the same.

Update: When I add the port the webserver is using to the end of the URL it works. Could this be an issue with my local network config?

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That doesn’t somehow automatically change the port that HTTP requests are sent to. The information in SRV records is only be available to applications that have accommodations for such resources.

When you make an HTTPS request, your web browser knows to use the port :443 specification since that is the default port assigned to that protocol. If you want to use a non-standard port, you need to explicitly incorporate it into the URL. e.g

Depending upon your objective, there may be additional options that might make access easier. What is are working with and what do you hope to accomplish?

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