Subdomain Delegation in Marketing Cloud NS Issue

We are going to use Marketing Cloud with Salesforce.

Per the instructions from Marketing Cloud, we will need to create a subdomain and then add four NS records for the subdomain to assign to Marketing Cloud

Subdomain has been created with our host WP Engine. (
CNAME record has been created and added to Cloudflare.
When visiting, it redirects to the main URL…looks good.

I am having trouble with the NS part of the instructions from Marketing Cloud.

Each time I try to add a NS record, I get an error message that says “Non-NS records with that host already exist” error.

I was able to successfully create a sample NS record:
So there is something with the subdomain name that was created “email”, that keeps giving me the error mentioned above when trying to create the needed four NS records.

When looking at the DNS records “Name” column, I don’t see anything named email, except for the new subdomain that was created, and then the CNAME record was created for this.

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated!

The error message is pretty straightforward.

You already have a record with the name you are trying to set up. That won’t work with NS records.

If you actually have to use a sub-domain you’ll need to make sure the name is not in use yet.

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I just repeated the process I mentioned (create subdomain from host, create CNAME record) for a new subdomain “emails”.

When I go to create the NS record with emails as the Name…I am getting the same error message.

So…the NS is seeing the new CNAME record that was created for the subdomain name.
I am not familiar with this process and learning as I go.

What is unclear about what I just wrote? You can’t do that.

What’s the domain?

Well, nothing is unclear about what you wrote.
What is unclear is how this works…create suddomain and add four NS records. Seems straightforward, but I am obviously having troubles, which is why I am posting to this community.

Like I said, this is new to me and I am looking for some guidance.

NS records are only if someone else is managing your subdomain. Is this what you want?

Ehm, as I already wrote.

You cannot have other records than the NS ones. You set up the NS records and point them to the given nameservers. That’s all and part of the instructions you received, I understand.

Again, what’s the domain?

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