Subdomain delegation from cloudflare to external entity. IN NS record not working


I tried to delegate a subdomain to some other service.

I created two IN NS records (the DNS servers that I want to delegate to do resolve)

Well, I waited a few hours now, but still :

$ host -t ns em2\.mydomain\.com dina\.ns\.cloudflare\.com
Using domain server:
Name: dina\.ns\.cloudflare\.com

em2\.mydomain\.com has no NS record

(mydomain is just a bogus name, the rest of the output is the same though).

Any idea why / how can I get the “IN NS” working. Is there another procedure in place to delegate a subdomain or smth that I’m missing ?


Resolves for me using dig.



yep, now it looks ok from here as well. Strange.
$ host -t ns name server name server

I’ll dig to see if there was anything strange on my end.

Thank you.


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