Subdomain created at godaddy doesn't work with cloudflare

Hello, I have the Godaddy domian and cloudflare works well with that email. Recently I created a subdoamin to the main domain at godaddy cpanel and I’m having trouble to get it connected with cloudflare. I tried creating a CNAME DNS with the subdomain name which didn’t work. Also tried A DNS which also didn’t work. The subdomain webage gets the error message too may redirects.

Any solution would be greatly appreciated.

Considering that Cloudflare is your authoritative nameserver at this point you have to create that record at Cloudflare, not Godaddy.

Thank you for quick reply. Does that mean I have to delete the subdomain I created with godaddy and create a new subdomain with the same name via cloudflare. Please note that I have wordpress installed and connected to this domain.

Yes, you need that host configured on Cloudflare.

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