subdomain-cName-linking to my Kartra account


After looking at the link above can someone tell me if I set up a cName correctly? Im trying to use a subdomain in my Kartra account. Changing the current URL from to

Im also assuming this does not tinker with my primary domain of

Thank you.


anyone out there can help with this? Thanks


Can you expand on what it is you are trying to do?

Is that CNAME what Kartra have told you that you need?

Your website appears to be working, what exactly is the issue?


That CNAME would make point to kartra. What subdomain did you want pointed at kartra?

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Maybe Im thinking of this wrong. I use a platform for building sales funnels called Kartra. Currently the url is It’s my understanding that using a Cname I can change the URL to something more personal. My brand is edferrigan. So how should I set up the cName? Not sure if you need more? I know there are settings in both Kartra and cloudflare I need to change. Thank you for helping me to understand this. For whatever reason I’ve never understood how this works.


I am not familiar with Kartra, but I assume it is like other similar products.

You would need to add your custom domain to Kartra, they should them provide you with a record to add to Cloudflare.

If you want to use, you would likely need a CNAME, name WWW, pointing to

If you want it on a subdomain such as, you would likely need a CNAME, name sales, pointing to


here is my new set up in Cloudflare:


Here are Kartra Directions:


here is what my settings look like in Kartra:


Can you see any errors? Sure appreciate your time and knowledge.


In your Cloudflare setup, looks like that CNAME should be learning, rather than learning.edferrigan.

Currently it is, whereas you want

Hope this helps!

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ok so does that mean that because I am creating it inside of it automatically gets that?


Yes, you just need the subdomain name, creating it inside your domain automatically adds


The learning subdomain appears to be working for me now.

Hopefully it is all sorted!

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I think its all working. Thanks very much. Life saver!

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No problem! Happy to help :slight_smile: Glad it worked!

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