Subdomain CNAME does not update

I’m trying to change the CNAME of a subdomain ( from to I’ve tried changing it, removing and readding, and even setting up a Worker that loads the content from another subdomain (, but it still loads the “old” content from Gitbook.
Can anybody help?

Hi @manuelmeurer,

I believe Gitbook use a Cloudflare SaaS configuration. This means that they get control of the hostname, which they need to remove when you no longer use their service. The easiest way to resolve this is to contact them and ask them to remove your hostname from their Cloudflare config.

Thanks, @domjh!
I found this post confirming this as well.
Will contact Gitbook support!
(this should really be documented somewhere, though)

Can I ask where you would look / where you would expect it to be on the docs? I guess it could be on the Cloudflare for SaaS docs, but most users wouldn’t see it there as they would not expect that to be the issue since it’s not a service they use. I’m not sure where it would fit, but can feed the suggestion back to the docs team.

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I think it should be documented in the Gitbook docs.

Oh, OK. Maybe bring that up with them, if you can.

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