Subdomain CNAME and MX conflict

Hi there. I am looking to have a subdomain that has a mx record for my . nlada . org domain name. The problem is I have a cname that is also host name of my. How can I make this work if at all?

Your CNAME would need to be flattened to make this work.

You can either do that by changing the record to proxied instead of DNS-Only, or by using the “Flatten all CNAME records” option available on Pro plans.

ok so if I proxy the cname…what would I change it to? or do nothing and just proxy the cname?

You would just change the record to proxied and see if it works.

If it does not work, additional configuration might be required.

can you explain why that would work?

Because it will change your CNAME record into an A record, and you can have an A and MX record for the same name.

Do I understand correctly that you have a subdomain, say, and now you want to add both a CNAME and an MX record for that subdomain?

you have it correctly!

it worked! thank you so much

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