Subdomain change cname

I am needing to change the cname entry for my subdomain to point to but I am unsure of if I am supposed to be doing this in my Cloudflare dns or in my cPanel zone editor - I read that Cloudflare subdomain support is only available to enterprise and I am on the free plan. I added a cname record for my subdomain in my Cloudflare dns settings, and entered the subdomain under ‘name’ and under ‘content’ but I am honestly not sure if this will be effective? Can someone please clear up for me if my Cloudflare is where I should even be doing this at? (My hosting support said it was??)


That should be enough. Is it working?

does not seem that it is - when I add it an make as the entry in the ‘name’ field it automatically saves it as ‘change’ - I am not sure why it won’t save the complete subdomain in the name field?

I also added the cname in my cpanel’s dns zone editor - would that hurt anything?

It’s there. You won’t see the rest of your domain, as it’s redundant. Only your main domain will show up as the domain. Subdomains, such as ‘www’ will only show up as just the subdomain.

Since it’s proxied (:orange:), it shows up as an A record to the public:

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