Subdomain behind Cookiewall through Proxy. How does this work?!


I am having an issue. We use a cookiewall for our website. But, since using Pardot, we use external pages as well over Pardot. There is set up a Proxy for the website that when you enter, you have to accept the cookies.

We want to implement this proxy path to the extra websites from pardot as well but for some reason can’t get it to work…

So what we want: You access a page but, before entering, you have to agree on the page. After agreeing, you get access to the Pardot page.

Can anyone help me on this matter?

Thanks in advance!

You cannot setup a cookie wall for a domain you don’t control. At best you can do that before redirecting users to Pardot but it may not be what you want.

Hi Xaq,

Actually, that’s exactly what i want :slight_smile:

We want to show the visitor the domain before entering the pardot landing page (which we ofcourse control and is on a subdomain)

What is wrong with implementing that at your website?

So we have 2 pages and a cookiewall. (standard) (pardot) (cookiewall)

What I want is the customer to enter the URL: - the customer gets redirected to The customer accepts the cookiewall - and gets redirected to

Does this make sense? The customer only has to accept the cookiewall before entering

If uses CF, then adding a page rule does the redirection for you.

Technically yes, legally, I don’t know.

Thank you again for the response.

The redirect is no problem, the problem lies with the placement of the cookie for the user. For another website we used a proxy to funnel al the customers to and making sure they accepted the cookie. But on this site we use Cloudflare and, for some reason, the proxy wont work. Therefore we can’t place the cookie through the proxy and have to ask the customer seperately after accepting the cookiewall.

Problem with a redirect is that even after accepting the cookiewall, the customer will be redirected to the cookiewall again on every visit. Annoying and unnecessary.

So what we want is the proxy to work which will check the cookies on the customers PC.

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