Subdomain and root domain are differents IP adress

Hi there.

I have a problem, and so I want to ask you for a little help. (I hope my English is appropriate and you understand my problem)

I bought a domain on the namcheap site and then added it into the cloudflare
On the namcheap site I setting the custom nameserver.
In cloudflare is active my domain.
I used to a FREE SSL in cloudflare.
After that I waited 2-3 days and then I wanted my ittohn nexctloud to join the domain but I give a failed message

I see that the root and suddomain ip is different, and my own IP is other

my root domain: [104.XX.84.XX]
my subdomain (CNAME):[104.XX.85.XX]
My IP adress : [79.XX.XX.XX]

Can you help me what is a wrong/error?

Hi @ripman86,

This should explain it:

Oh, thank you the quick answer

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No problem, if you have a service that still won’t validate, you may need to set the record to :grey: instead of :orange:.

It’s ok and my services domain (root and subdomain[CNAME]) are updating and macth my own IP.

Thank you.

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