Subdomain and cache

Hello there,

I set up a new subdomain *** for my main domain

The problem is that when I navigate new files I receive a 404.
The cf-cache-status is DYNAMIC

I also tried to modify the old files, that are reachable, but I still see the old content. I already purged the cache (purged everything).

What can I check and/or how can I solve this issue?

Thanks in advance.

404s in general come from your server. You will need to check your server logs why it cannot find the requested paths and fix it accordingly.

Thanks Sandro. Unfortunately, I don’t see any error related to the 404. I created a simple test page aaa.php but still receive 404

I am confused because if I change the name of an old file (ver.php to ver1.php for instance) the old file still visible and the new one still 404. If I modify the content of an old file, I still seeing the old content and not the new one.

You should check all log files, maybe you did not configure that host correctly. Something on your server needs to log that error. Maybe check your default host’s log file, in case you did not configure the hostname. Unfortunately this topic is somewhat off-topic for here as it does not involve Cloudflare itself.

Thanks Sandro, I am contacting the hosting in order to make a double-check.

My best guess is the hostname is not properly configured, but that’s speculatio of course and your host should be able to clarify and fix that.

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Also, assuming your staging host points to the same .45 address as the other hostnames, it would seem there is no certificate either in place, which would also indicate your host didn’t configure that.

They will need to fix that too.

Thanks Sandro, your last message was inspiring. The mistake I made was about the IP of the A record in Cloudflare. I set up the same of the main domain but actually it was another one (that I found in the hosting dashboard).

Thanks for your time.

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