Subdomain A record not updating after multiple attempts

Hey guys,

My domain is hosted on Bluehost, my root domain points to ClickFunnels (Landing Page Software), and I need my Wordpress blog to be under the subdomain blog.
I have followed all the necessary instructions to add an A record for blog. pointing to an IP provided by Bluehost support… After now 2 weeks, and 3 times renewing the operation, my subdomain is still not pointing to the right IP…

Really don’t know what to do, so tired of contacting BlueHost support for every time telling me that my IP needs to propagate, I need to try again… I have a feeling there is something else in my configs.

See screenshot, maybe it can help.

Your blog entry is being proxied by Cloudflare (for SSL + CDN) so the IP address returned is Cloudflare’s IIP, but the traffic is routed to the origin you have specified. If you want it to go direct to the origin you can :grey: the record instead of the :orange: it has now.

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Thanks so much cscharff, I will try this then.
Do you think there is a way I could be able to access the blog while still being proxied by Cloudflare?

You probably need to get your host to fix/configure your server hosting the blog to listen on port 443. Right now it returns a 404 page if you attempt to visit it over https.

Damn I wish I knew what it meant! I’m going to reach out to them and pretty much copy paste your answer Ha! Thanks so much @cscharff

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