Subdomain 525 Error

Hello guys,

I’m getting error message 525 on access to my page’s subdomain.

But the browsers are detecting that there is an SSL certificate.

The DNS Zone pointing to the subdomain is that:

PS: The root domain is running correctly.
PS 2: I searched the solution in the tutorials, but could not solve the problem.


The certificate for this IP is issued to If you’re using SSL in "Full (sctrict) you need to install a valid certificate on your server or ensure that your vhost configuration is configured to serve the correct certificate.

To avoid this 525 error switch to “Full”. This will disable the certificate validation on Coudflare’s Edges, but you should install a valid cert on your host - as soon as possible. If you don’t want to buy a certificarte you can also use Cloudflare’s Origin Certificates or Let’s Encrypt certs.

Switch back to “Full” (Strict) afterwards.

Review the suggestions in this Community Tip for more advice & insight.

@MarkMeyer Thanks for the help!

Now the SSL of my Subdomain is working correctly.

The tutorial of this guy helped a lot too:

(but don’t need to install any plugin)

See you later!!

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