Subdirectory Question



Under the “Pro Plan” is stated that I can host only one domain. But, what about a subdirectory, is it considered a new domain or I will be able to host as many subdirectory as I want under the “Pro Plan”?


Under all plan types you can have all the subdomains you want.

The domain is of the kind, of all,, etc. you can add how many you want.


Even for subdirectory(


Those are a given, they are even the same DNS record.


What do you mean by “Those are a given”, Yes or No? Does cloudflare count a subdirectory = to subdomain?


I mean that you can have as much as you want, but that is at the basis of how internet hosting works. I have never seen a provider limit to one subdirectory.

Subdirectories and subdomains are two completely different things.


Anything in ** is covered by the Pro Plan. So…all subdomains, and all subdirectories.

Start piling it on!